Cambridge Winterhawks 2005-07

Back to back Sutherland Cup Champions 2005-06 and 2006-07

Front left, Steve Aichmayer, Greg Bignell, Kyle Helms, Shane McKelvie, Cam Watson, Peter Brill, Jordon Bonneville, Mike Wright, Louie George. Second row left, Ryan D’Arcy, Matt Esch, Keith Gingerich, Jennifer Abbiss, Jeff Harbach, Ben Bartlett, Reggie Traccitto, Steve Lock, Adam Kneale, Paul Dupont, Jack McLelland, Evan Yzch, Ryan Ford, Lloyd Harding, Steve Pederson, Cal Monigue. Third row left, Ken Kesserling, Jordon Schulz, Aaron Smith, Ryan Watson, Chris Golem, Paul Yovanic, Jody Watt, Kyle Sheridan, Josh Webber, Adam Pomroy, Bill Hammer. Back row left, Paul Williamson, Joe Machado, Frank O’Brien, John Rothwell, John Hamilton, Kent Lee, Murray Ewing, John Corbett, Bob Speedie.


As the 2005 Midwestern Jr. B hockey season began, the Cambridge Winter Hawks had high expectations. They were coming off a third-place finish the previous year and GM Peter Brill had assembled a stellar cast of players.

Indeed, not since the glory years of near the end of the 20th century had the Winter Hawks put together such a talented squad.

The Winter Hawks finished the 48-game regular season in first place, with 38 wins and nine losses, and disposed of Niagara Falls Canucks 6-2 on a Saturday night to cap off a memorable season and capture the Sutherland Cup.

The 2006-07 Winter Hawks captured the Sutherland Cup, their second in a row.

Sportswriter Bill Doucet asked “How do you top a season to remember?” GM Peter Brill had the answer, and the entire organization was pre- pared to win. But could they repeat?

Once again of coach Greg Bignell, and led by new captain Kyle Helms, and with essentially the same team that had won the provincial Jr. B
crown the previous season, the 2006-2007 version of the Winter Hawks were just as dominant as their predessors.

Crowds were large at Galt Arena during those years as fans enjoyed the fast-paced brand of hockey the Winter Hawks excelled at, and there was more than a little excitement at Galt Arena Gardens come playoff time.

Their quest was to win back-to-back Sutherland Cups, a rare feat, and one that wouldn’t be easy.

They cruised through the regular season with only eight losses in 48 games, and in the Sutherland Cup round robin, finished first and then beat Strathroy for their second Cup in two years.

For one and all, veteran and rookie, and members of the executive, it was a dream come true.