CSHF Scholarships Awarded

The Cambridge Sports Hall of Fame presented our annual scholarships to eight outstanding high school student athletes in the summer of 2021. All eight received a $500 scholarship from BrokerLink. They were:

BrokerLink Scholarship winners (8) $500:
Kelly Tikel (PHS)
Caprice Townes (GCI)
Dominique Nedd (GPSS)
Luke Meadus (SBCSS)
Mara McKenna (SSS)
Kate Marchetti (JHSS)
Alexandra Hankins (MDCSS)
Lazar Paroski (Ecole Secondaire Pere-Rene-De-Galilee)
Two of the eight also received the Bob Cunningham Memorial Scholarship of $5000 each.

Congratulations to

Bob Cunningham Memorial Scholarship winners, presented by Steve Reynolds: Lazar Paroski, left, Steve Reynolds (administrator of the Bob Cunningham Memorial Scholarships) and Kate Marchetti.


Bob Cunningham Memorial Scholarship winners (2) $5,000:
Lazar Paroski (Ecole Secondaire Pere-Rene-De-Galilee)
Kate Marchetti (JHSS)